日期 2003-09-18 21:33:36
文章主題: 九章數學基金會


To: Authors and Independent Publishers of
Mathematical Olympiad Resources in English (MOIRE)
From: Chiu Chang Mathematics Publishers, Taiwan.

We are announcing an exciting new venture that may be
of interest of you and your potential readers who may not have an easy time learning about or obtaining your publiations.
Please read the news item "MOIRE" at the URL below:
. Click on the link at the bottom (which is
unfortunately only in Chinese) to get to the full text and the
Supply Form.
Please join us on this venture for our common good.

MOIRE stands for Mathematical Olympiad Independent Resources in English. It is run by Chiu Chang Mathematics Publishers of Taipei, with two aims. The first is to assist independent publishers to distribute their publications to readers. The second is to assist readers to learn about and obtain publications from independent publishers. While MOIRE cannot afford to run a deficit, its profit margin will be kept minimal since it is essentially a service to the mathematical competition community.

An independent publisher who has books which may be of interest to MOIRE should download and fill in copies of our Supply Form, one per title, and submit them electronically to When a form is received, if MOIRE does not already have the book, one will be ordered. If it is deemed to be of high quality, the book will be added to MOIRE's listing. There may be some negotiation is on the two selling prices. However, the final decision on the selling price to MOIRE rests with the publisher, while the final decision on the selling price by MOIRE rests with MOIRE.

When the listing reaches twenty titles, fifty copies of each will be ordered as the initial stockpile. The titles will then be offered to readers. To save on shipping and handling, each order must be for at least ten books, possibly with multiple copies of some titles. However, if at least ten copies of the same book is ordered, the reader will be advised to deal directly with the publisher.

Supply Form

Name of Publisher: _______________________________________________



email Address: ___________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________FAX: _________________________

Title of Book: ____________________________________________________

Name(s) of Author(s): _____________________________________________

Year of Publication: _______________________________________________

Suggested Selling Price to MOIRE: ___________________________________

Suggested Selling Price by MOIRE: ___________________________________

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